Lewis David von Schweinitz     (1780 - 1834)

Image of Lewis David von Schweinitz from Curtis Gates Lloyd (1898 - 1925) Mycological Notes
Lewis David von Schweinitz

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1780     February 13, born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

1787     enters school of Community of Nazareth, trains for ministry

1798     enters seminary of the United Moravian Brethren at Niesky, Upper Lusatia

1805     publishes Conspectus Fungorum in Lusatiae superioris (co-authored with Johann Baptista von Albertini), by far the most comprehensive book on fungi at that time

Photo of Polyporus badius by John Denk
Polyporus badius1812     marries Louisa Amelia LeDoux, returns to U.S. be minister for congregation in Salem, North Carolina

1816     visits Europe, makes contact with mycologists in England, France, and the Netherlands

1821     transferred back to Bethlehem, runs a school for girls

1823     hired to describe the plants of the Say collection, from an expedition to Northern Minnesota

also known with a "de" instead of a "von" in his name

Photo of Uromyces ari-triphylli by John Denk
Uromyces ari-triphylliAs you can see from the list below, Schweinitz published on plants as well as fungi, and when he died, his herbarium contained 23,000 species of phanerogamic plants. And they weren't his main interest! Schweinitz is sort of a transitional figure in mycology, as his first major publication is before Fries, while his second is after. It would be interesting to see what proportion of his new names come from each work. In any case, he is the first major American mycologist, by a long shot - - both in time and in quality. Many of our "basic" American fungi were named by him.
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Heinrich Dörfelt & Heike Heklau (1998) Die Geschichte der Mykologie
      (Die Geschichte der Mykologie)

Harry Baker Humphrey (1961) Makers of North American Botany

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Further Sources

W. J. Youmans (1896) Pioneers of Science in America

John William Harshberger (1899) The Botanists of Philadelphia and Their Works

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Selected Publications

Johann Baptista von Albertini & Lewis David von Schweinitz (1805) Conspectus Fungorum in Lusatiae superioris (Presentation of Fungi in Northern Lusatia)
This work covers 1130 taxa, of which 127 are new species declared by Schweinitz. This was the largest work on fungi at the time.

Lewis David von Schweinitz (1821) "Monograph of the genus Viola" in Silliman's Journal

Lewis David von Schweinitz (1821) Monograph of the Hepaticae
Schweinitz described 78 species of Hepatica (liverworts), in an attempt to get more people interested in them

Lewis David von Schweinitz (1821) Specimen florae Americae septentrionalis cryptogamicae (Species of North American Cryptogamic Plants)

Lewis David von Schweinitz (1824) Monograph of the North American Carices

Lewis David von Schweinitz (1831) Synopsis Fungorum in America Boreali Media Degentum (Summary of the Fungi that Grow in North America)
Schweinitz's monumental achievement, recording 3098 species of North American fungi.

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Albatrellus confluens (Schweinitz & Albertini: Fries) Kotlaba & Pouzar
Amanita porphyria (Schweinitz & Albertini: Fries) Secretan
Apiosporina morbosa (Schweinitz) Arx
Calvatia craniformis (Schweinitz) Fries
Cantharellus cinnabarinus Schweinitz
Collybia sensu lato maculata (Schweinitz & Albertini: Fries) Kummer
Craterellus odoratus (Schweinitz: Fries) Fries
Cystoderma cinnabarinum (Albertini & Schweinitz: Secretan) Fayod
Dacrymyces palmatus (Schweinitz) Bresadola
Dacryopinax spathularia (Schweinitz) G. W. Martin
Exidia nucleata (Schweinitz) E. A. Burt
Fomitopsis roseus (Schweinitz & Albertini) Kotlaba & Pouzar
Galiella rufa (Schweinitz) Nannfeldt & Korf
Globifomes graveolens (Schweinitz: Fries) Murrill
Gyrodon merulioides (Schweinitz) Singer
Hygrophorus cantharellus (Schweinitz) Fries
Hypomyces hyalinus (Schweinitz: Fries) L. Tulasne
Hypomyces lactifluorum (Schweinitz: Fries) L. Tulasne
Lactarius indigo (Schweinitz) Fries
Lentinus strigosus (Schweinitz) Fries
Marasmiellus nigripes (Schweinitz) Singer
Marasmius siccus (Schweinitz) Fries
Merulius incarnatus Schweinitz
Microglossum rufum (Schweinitz) Underwood
Phellinus gilvus (Schweinitz) Patouillard
Phlebia incarnata (Schweinitz) H. H. Burdsall & Nakasone
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus (Schweinitz) Bresadola
Polyporus badius (Persoon) Schweinitz
Polyporus radicatus Schweinitz
Porodisculus pendulus (Schweinitz) Murrill
Poronidulus conchifer (Schweinitz) Murrill
Rhodocollybia maculata (Albertini & Schweinitz: Fries) Singer
Trametes conchifer (Schweinitz: Fries) Pilát
Tremellodendron pallidum (Schweinitz) E. A. Burt
Urnula craterium Schweinitz: Fries
Uromyces ari-triphylli (Schweinitz) Seeler
Xeromphalina tenuipes (Schweinitz) A. H. Smith

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Pisolithus Schweinitz & Albertini

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