Lucien Quélet     (1832 - 1899)

Image of Inocybe calospora from Jean Louis Émile Boudier (1904 - 1909) Icones mycologicae ou iconographie des champignons de France, principalement Discomycètes
Inocybe calospora

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Selected publications


graduates from the college of Montbéliard, France

studies medicine in Strassburg; earns MD

practices medicine in Hérimoncourt, near Montbéliard

1855     founds the Sociéte mycologique de France and is its first president

Image of Lepiota rachodes from A. M. Hussey (1847 - 1855) Illustrations of British mycology
Lepiota rachodes
Quélet is sort of a cross between Karsten and Kummer: he created a lot of new genera, but also raised a lot of Fries' lower-level taxa to the generic level. Many of the names of our most common fungi are his work.
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Heinrich Dörfelt & Heike Heklau (1998) Die Geschichte der Mykologie
      (Die Geschichte der Mykologie)

Geoffrey Clough Ainsworth, D. L. Hawksworth & P. W. James (1971) Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi

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Selected Publications

Lucien Quélet (1872) "Les Champignons de Jura et des Vosges" (The Mushrooms of Jura and Vosges) in Mémoires de la Société d'émulation de Montbéliard (Memoirs of the Montbéliard Boosters' Society) 2nd series, 5 pp. 43 - 332

Lucien Quélet (1886) Enchiridion fungorum in Europa Media et praesertim in Gallia vigentium (Presentation of the Fungi Found in Central Europe, especially in France)

Lucien Quélet (1888) Flore mycologique de la France et des pays limitrophes (Mycological flora of France and the plains at its Borders) 492 pp.
This work is the source of many of his names for the genera of Polyporaceae.

Lucien Quélet & Frédéric Bataille (1902) Flore monographique des Amanites et des Lépiotes (Monographic flora of the Amanitas and Lepiotas) 88 pp.

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Agaricus bitorquis (Quélet) Saccardo
Amanita aspera (Fries) Quélet
Bondarzewia montana (Quélet) Singer
Clavariadelphus truncatus (Quélet) Donk
Collybia cirrhata (Persoon) Quélet
Favolus alveolaris (De Candolle: Fries) Quélet
Gyromitra infula (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Quélet
Gyroporus castaneus (Fries) Quélet
Gyroporus cyanescens (Bulliard) Quélet
Hebeloma crustiliniforme (Bulliard) Quélet
Hebeloma mesophaeum (Persoon: Fries) Quélet
Hebeloma sacchariolens Quélet
Hygrophorus russula (Fries) Quélet
Hypholoma sublateritium (Fries) Quélet
Inocybe calospora Quélet
Inocybe fastigiata (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Quélet
Leccinum griseum (Quélet) Singer
Lepiota lutea (Bolton: Fries) Quélet
Lepiota rachodes (Vittadini) Quélet
Leptonia incana (Fries) Quélet
Marasmius cohaerans (Persoon: Fries) Cooke & Quélet
Mycena alcalina (Fries) Quélet
Mycena haematopus (Fries) Quélet
Mycena inclinata (Fries) Quélet
Mycena pura (Fries) Quélet
Mycena sanguinolenta (Fries) Quélet
Omphalina pyxidata (Bulliard: Fries) Quélet
Panaeolus campanulatus (Bulliard: Fries) Quélet
Phellinus ignarius (Fries) Quélet
Russula badia Quélet
Russula rosea Quélet
Stropharia aeruginosa (W. Curtis: Fries) Quélet

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Coriolus Quélet
Gyroporus Quélet
Omphalina Quélet
Panaeolus (Fries) Quélet
Phellinus Quélet
Phlogiotis Quélet
Phylloporus Quélet
Psathyrella (Fries) Quélet
Sarcodon Quélet: Karsten
Stropharia (Fries) Quélet

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