Jacob Christian Schaeffer     (1718 - 1790)

Image of Tricholomopsis rutilans from Eugen Gramberg (1913) Pilze unserer Heimat
Tricholomopsis rutilans

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Selected publications


Studies at the french school of latin in Halle, and also studies theology at the university of Halle

1738     appointed "Hauslehrer" (house-teacher; = tutor?) at the university of Regensburg

1741     promoted to preacher

1760     awarded doctorate from university of Wittenberg

1762     awarded doctorate in theology from the university of Tübingen

1779     appointed pastor and superintendent at the university of Regensburg

Photo of Amanita fulva by John Denk
Amanita fulvaAs you can see from his list of publications, Schaeffer was interested in all sorts of things, publishing books on crustaceans, insects, and paper-making. I wonder if his publications in those other fields are as basic to them as his mycological ones are. His book on colors is the earliest attempt that I know of to standardize color terminology. I have also heard that he published on minerals, but haven't seen titles for those works.
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Heinrich Dörfelt & Heike Heklau (1998) Die Geschichte der Mykologie
      (Die Geschichte der Mykologie)

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Selected Publications

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1754) Abhandlungen von Insecten: Der fischförmige kiefenfuss in stehenden wassern um Regensburg, anfangs in der lateinischen und itzo in der deutschen mundart beschrieben (The fishlike things that live in standing water near Regensburg; introduction in Latin and in German) 20 pp.
The organisms covered in this book are crustaceans

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1754) Die Armpolypen in den süssen Wassern um Regensburg (Jellyfish occuring in the fresh water around Regensburg)

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1757) Abhandlungen von Insecten: Die eingebildeten Wurmer in Zahnen nebst dem vermeyntlichen Hülfsmittel wider dieselben, beschrieben und untersuchet von Jacob Christian Schaffer ... Nebst einer Kupfertafel in Farben (The imaginary toothed worms and the supposed remedies for them. With colored copper-plates.)
from Schaeffer's Abhandlungen von Insecten. Why it's in his Abhandlungen von Insecten, I have no idea.
And also, if you're claiming that a creature is imaginary, isn't it counterproductive to provide a color picture of it?

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1759) Vorläufige Betrachtungen der Schwämme um Regensburg (Preliminary considerations on the mushrooms fungi around Regensburg)

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1759) Isagoge in botanicam expeditiorem: iconibus aeri incisis et pictis illustrata (A self-taught botanist on expedition: illustrated with woodcuts and drawings) 98 pp.

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1761) Icones et descriptio fungorum quorundam singularium et memorabilium; simul fungorum Bavariae icones natiuis coloribus expressae, editioni iam paratae propediem evulgandae denunciantur (Pictures of unusual and memorable fungi, showing in color those fungi native to Bavaria) 16 pp.
This book is only 16 pages long, so not as important as the other (fungal) one.

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1762 - 1774) Fungorum qui in Bavaria et Palatinatu circa Ratisbonam nascuntur (The Fungi that Grow in Bavaria and the Palatine, around Ratisbon) 4 vol.

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1766) Iacobi Christiani Schaeffer, s. theolog. et philos. ... Elementa entomologica ... (J. C. Schaeffer (doctor of theology and philosophy)'s ... Elements of entomology)
Also known as Iacob Christian Schaeffers ... Einleitung in die Insectenkenntnis

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1766 - 1779) Iacobi Christiani Schaefferi Icones insectorvm circa Ratisbonam: indigenorvm coloribvs natvram referentibvs expressae (J. C. Schaeffer's Pictures of insects around Ratisbon: a colored reference to the native species) 3 vol.
Also known as Natürlich ausgemahlte Abbildungen regensburgischer Insecten

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1768 - 1769) Jacob Christian Schäffers, Doctors der Gottesgelehrsamkeit und Weltweisheit ... Erstere[-fernere] Versuche mit Schnecken 2 vol.
This concerns the molluscs now known as Helicidae

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1769) Entwurf einer allgemeinen Farbenverein: oder Versuch und Muster einer gemeinnützlichen Bestimmung und Benennung der Farben ; nebst zwey ausgemahlten Kupfertafeln (Plan for a universal relationship of colors: or Research and Model for a determination and naming of colors in a way useful for the general public; with two colored copper-plates)
I have seen this listed as a book on insects; evidently by someone who couldn't read the German title.

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1770) Proefnemingen en monster-bladen, om papier te maaken zonder lompen of met een gering byvoegzel derzelven
Translation of: Versuche und Muster ohne alle Lumpen, which is the first two volumes of the sämtliche papierversuche
There are samples of paper in this book, too, but there also seems to be more text.

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1772) Jacob Christian Schäffers ... sämtliche papierversuche 6 vol.
The book consists of specimens of paper (and some fabrics) made of different materials

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1777) D. Iacobi Christiani Schaeffer ... Elementa entomologica cum appendice ... Einleitung in die insectenkenntnis mit einem nachtrage (J. C. Schaeffer's Elements of entomology, with appendices. Introduction to the knowledge of insects, with a supplement)

Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1778) Abbildung und Beschreibung des Mayenwurmkäfers als eines zuverlässigen Hülfsmittels wider den tollen Hundebiss (Picture and description of the caddis-fly larvae as a genuine remedy for the bite of a mad dog)

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Agaricus arvensis Ja.C. Schaeffer: Secretan
Agaricus silvaticus Ja.C. Schaeffer
Amanita citrina Ja.C. Schaeffer: S. F. Gray
Amanita fulva (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Persoon) Persoon
Chroogomphus rutilus (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) O. K. Miller
Conocybe tenera (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) R. Kühner
Coprinus cinereus (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) S. F. Gray
Fistulina hepatica Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries
Gomphidius glutinosus (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Fries
Gyromitra infula (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Quélet
Inocybe fastigiata (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Quélet
Lycoperdon pyriforme Ja.C. Schaeffer: Persoon
Pluteus cervinus (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Kummer
Pluteus leoninus (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Kummer sensu J. Lange
Russula cyanoxantha Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries
Russula xerampelina (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Secretan) Fries
Tricholomopsis rutilans (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Singer
Volvariella bombycina (Ja.C. Schaeffer: Fries) Singer

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