Volvariella volvacea

Cortinarius husseyiKey to Gilled Mushrooms     Key
This is a key to gilled mushrooms, that is, mushrooms having a definite cap with a fertile surface consisting of gills. The fruiting body usually also has a stem, although that may be lateral or absent (usually, then, the mushroom is growing from wood). You can use this key to identify mushrooms that you find.

TricholomaAgaricales     Order
Fruiting body containing fibers (usually in the stalk)

Pink Spored     Suborder
Spores pink or reddish

Pluteus cervinusPlutaceae     Family
Gills free
Often growing on wood

Volvariella pusillaVolvariella     Genus
With a saccate volva, or cup, at the base of the stalk
On a variety of substrates
Cap typically (but not in this picture) bluntly conical, not umbonate or convex

Big Volvariella     Section
Cap typically more than 2" across

Volvariella volvacea     (Bulliard: Fries) Singer

Here are the characters that distinguish this species from the others in its group. For its more general characters, see higher up on the page.
If there's just a few words or a microscopic feature here, a more thorough description can be found above.


Microscropic Characters


This is the "straw mushroom", cultivated in tropical Asia and only common in tropical climates. But it can occur wherever it gets shelter somehow from the winter
My dad and I were fortunate enough to find tremendous fruitings several years in a row in New York, on a huge leaf-pile where a hospital dumped all their yard waste. Apparently the heat of decay kept the interior of the pile warm enough for this mushroom to thrive