Interviews and Biographies

Fungal People, famous and familiar

Lorelei in the rex woods The Quest for Phaeocollybia (and much more)
an interview with Lorelei Norvell

Lorelei Norvell discusses her route to mycology, her exploration of Phaeocollybia, and her work on the International Botanical Congress’s Committee for Fungal Nomenclature.

Cardy Raper and her husband, Red.Woman of Science: an interview with Cardy Raper
An interview with Cardy Raper, who pioneered the study of the complex genetics of Schizophyllum commune, Achlya, and other intriguing organisms. She discusses the ins and outs of how fungal DNA (and RNA!) work, and how much we have left to learn.

Ballou's most important discoveryWilliam Hosea Ballou
William Hosea Ballou was a self-promoting scoundrel, who nevertheless managed to discover a few important and interesting mushrooms.