Notes from Underground - by David Rose

Table of Contents

These columns originally appeared in issues of Spores Illustrated, the newsletter of the
Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (COMA).


Title Date of Original Appearance
Introduction to "Notes from Underground" Winter 1997-98
Mushrooms. Russia. History. Summer 1998
On the Fungus Trail with COMA Fall 1998
Old Ironguts Captain Charles McIlvaine Spring 1999
Bioluminescence and Fungi Summer 1999
An Informal History of COMA Fall 1999
Tuckahoe and Fungus Stone Spring 2000
Penicillin Research during World War II Summer 2000
Fungi of Mines and Caves Fall 2000
A Nosegay of Fungi: Literary Gleanings Winter 2000
Molds, Mildew, and War: Mycological Research of the U.S. Quartermaster Depot Spring 2001
The Politics of Ascospores Summer 2001

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