COMA's annual Clark Rogerson Foray


Every Fall, COMA spends a long weekend at a wooded resort in central Connecticut, hunting mushrooms at nearby state parks, eating gourmet mushrooms, and swimming in the pool. We also make good use of the abundance of experts who help to identify all of our finds. Clark Rogerson, for whom the foray is named, was the head mycologist at the New York Botanical Gardens for many years, and mycologist emeritus at the time of his death at the age of 95. Clark was very supportive of amateur mycology, and believed very strongly in helping those who were just starting out. He spent weeks identifying every specimen found on club walks, and he was never too busy to help identify specimens that amateurs brought in to him. COMA is proud to have named the foray after him while he was still alive to appreciate it. You can read more details about Clark on the New York Botanical Garden's website.

An article on the 2006 Rogerson Foray and a pictorial essay on the 2009 Rogerson Foray.

The COMA Foray has access to an abundance of very productive areas. Nearby parks include Meshomasic State Forest, Natchaug State Forest, Salmon River State Forest, Day Pond State Park, Devil's Hopyard State Park, Hurd State Park, and Gay City State Park. Because of this wealth of foraging areas, we typically harvest more than 300 species at each foray (including about 50 species of boletes last year).

Our TWO legendary mycophagy sessions (the eating of expertly prepared and cooked wild mushrooms) feature dishes made from various mushrooms found during the foray, including (but not restricted to) chanterelles, black trumpets, boletes, hen-of-the-woods, and other (carefully screened) edibles we find in suitable quantity.

The 4-day fee includes 3 nights lodging and 8 meals, from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 4. (You must provide your own lunch if you arrive early on Thursday.)
Free activities include an swimming pool, mycophagy, and evening programs. Our evening programs are currently in the planning stage, but we will definitely have another delightful TCHOTCHKA AUCTION. (Please bring unwanted mushroom memorabilia for the AUCTION.) Leon Shernoff, famous publisher and tchotchka auctioneer, will conduct the auction.

We will try to find car pools for those needing transportation. We can also accommodate people who wish to attend for shorter periods of time.
You will receive a confirmation by August 1, along with driving instructions. If you have any questions, contact Don Shernoff, at (914) 761-0332 or


Ursula Hoffmann, our data recorder, has provided a list of the most frequently found August/September mushrooms collected at the Clark Rogerson Forays. View, print or download this list. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to read or print this and the application form. If you do not have it already, you can download it.

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