Great news, mushroom lovers! Our new spin-off company brings you the latest in human-fungal symbiosis and oral health bio-control! Our all-natural, carefully harvested and inoculated collection of rock-dwelling lichens has been specially adapted to grow on your teeth, where they out-compete harmful organisms that cause tooth decay and keep you cavity-free… without ever brushing your teeth again!
You just have to smile a lot, to make sure they get plenty of sunlight so they can photosynthesize. But with your new Dentalichen smile, that will be no problem!

Think of how jealous your friends will be at the snazzy stripes of Dentagraphis scripta!
Dentagraphis scripta
Or when the bright orange fruiting cups of Dentaxanthoria erupt from your mouth:

The Dentalichens have shown some tendency to migrate in the body, and we are investigating new technologies to help them colonize bones, where they bind and cushion, and help reduce the risks of such conditions as osteoporosis.

Order your Dentalichen today!

Photo credits:
1) Lichen on a log; Miller; 1962. Yellowstone National Park
2) Graphis scripta by Lairich Rig
3) Xanthoria parietina by Taka