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selection of back issues

Ten of our most popular back issues for $49.99, fully stocked and ready to go (2-3 day Priority Mail). They can be given all at once to a very special person, or sown by ones and twos among your friends who have mushrooms at heart.

You can simply pull down the menu under “Choose your subscription” below and select the last item, “Ten back issues.” You can also send a check or money order to
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We have ten of our most popular issues chosen for this offer, but are also open to substitutions if you have your own favorite(s) and they are still in stock. In addition to our regular columns, the issues we’ve chosen cover the following:


Abortiporus (now Loweomyces) fractipes


Chicken mushrooms

Sections of Amanita (with specials on A. muscaria and A. regalis)

Phytophthora (potato and tomato blight, and relatives)

Black trumpets

Common polypores

The Plinthogales (the peachy Lactarius group)


Omphalotus in Australia

Spongiforma squarepantsii

Slime molds


Blue Mycenas

Chorioactis geaster, the Texas cigar

Tree ears and other brown jelly fungi


Leland von Behren

Margaret Lewis

Gary Lincoff

Larry Millman

W. A. Murrill

Tom Volk


Kit Barnhart

Shelly Conrad

Gastón Guzmán

C. T. Ingold

Larry Stickney

Lois Tiffany


Polypores and fire

How to take a spore count of a giant puffball

Mushrooms in prehistoric cave art

Wildcrafting amadou

Mushrooms in victorian fairy paintings

Switzerland’s Mycorama

Mushrooms in video games

Dark-spored fungi and radiation



New Zealand

The Amazon



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