Started in 1985, Mushroom the Journal is a quarterly magazine for people curious about wild mushrooms – whether for hunting and cooking, their different roles in human culture, or their unique biology.

We regularly feature:

  • finding and cooking edible mushrooms
  • reviews of the latest mushroom books
  • a mushroom-themed crossword puzzle
  • interviews with mushroom-hunters and mycologists

Besides these, we cover topics like:

  • mushrooming around the world
  • newly-identified species
  • mushrooms in human history
  • biographies of important mycologists

We also give in-depth answers to important questions like:

  • If you discover a new species, can you name it anything you want?
  • Does Schizophyllum have 10,000 sexes or 20,000?
  • Can you grow your own truffles? Train your own truffle hound?
  • What happens when a bear eats the wrong kind of mushroom?